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Can individual heat waves be blamed on global warming?

Are record setting temperatures the result of Global Warming?
Are record setting temperatures the result of Global Warming?
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Summer is the time for sunshine, but with heatwaves sweeping the nation, it's a little too hot to handle. In the last week, more than two thousand U.S. heat records have been broken, with temperatures in the triple digits.

The extreme weather has exacerbated wildfires and power outages, and focused attention once again on the impact of climate change. Yet climatologists are at odds over whether the extreme weather can be solely blamed on global warming.

Do you think there is a direct link between climate change and extreme weather? In your own life, how have you seen the weather change? Are you concerned about the changes in weather? Or do you see it as part of the natural evolution of the planet?


Gavin Schmidt, a climate modeler at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies

John Abraham, Assoc. Professor of Engineering, University of St. Thomas