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Tumblr on the left, Farmville on the right — what your social networking says about your politics

The politics of social media map.
The politics of social media map.

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Posting on Pinterest could say more about you than your taste in LOL cats – it could be an indication of your voting preferences. So say researchers at the interactive marketing agency Engage.

They crunched online data, counting the “Likes” along with indicators of consumer preferences and political engagement. The result is a map that, they say, clearly shows the red and blue leanings of social media users. If your Facebook friends seem to spend a lot of time on BuzzFeed, according to the map, they’re likely to vote for Obama. Selling on E-Bay? Romney supporter. Not surprisingly, Facebook is the great equalizer, falling squarely in the center of the map. The method may not be scientific, but scouring people’s social gaming and Yelping tendencies might be a way for campaigns to target potential supporters.

How accurate is the Engage map? Which side do you skew toward – and does it reflect your political leanings? Can you really tell how people will vote based on their websurfing habits?


Patrick Ruffini, president of Engage LLC