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Who will be Mitt Romney’s running mate?

Will Romney be able to avoid the running mate problems that John McCain had?
Will Romney be able to avoid the running mate problems that John McCain had?
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In August, the Republican Party faithful will gather in Tampa, Florida for the official crowning of Mitt Romney as the GOP's presidential candidate. As the days to the convention tick by, vast column inches are dedicated to one question: Who will be the former Massachusetts governor's running mate?

For months, names have appeared on a revolving carousel of possibilities: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former U.S. Secretary of State Condolezza Rice and Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, to name a few.

The Republican Party is keen to avoid a repeat of the problems encountered in Senator John McCain's 2008 presidential race, in the wake of the selection of then Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin. The McCain/Palin ticket became fertile fodder for the media, along with the book and subsequent film, Game Change.

Close attention is expected to be paid to the vetting process of potential vice presidential nominees, with only the most suitable going forward for consideration.

What attention do you pay to a presidential candidate's running mate? Does the selection sway your vote one way or another? Who would you like to see as Mitt Romney's running mate? Or would you prefer to focus your attention on the person who may one day be Commander-in-Chief?


Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman of the California Republican Party and author of ‘The New Conservative Paradigm’

Jonathan Collegio, Spokesman for American Crossroads Super PAC

Ted Frank, Attorney and VP Vetter during John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid; currently runs the Center for Class Action Fairness