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Trash for cash: who should be allowed to pick up waste from LA apartments and businesses?

Will a consolidation of waste management streamline the industry or bottle neck services?
Will a consolidation of waste management streamline the industry or bottle neck services?
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Solid waste collection is about to get even more consolidated. The City of LA has plans to give just a handful of trash collectors a franchise to pick up the waste from commercial buildings and apartments.

But, a business coalition says the plan isn’t so efficient. These larger buildings buy the service from private companies, unlike residents in houses or small apartments who set out their bins to get picked up by city collectors. The coalition, known as ACE, says giving over trash duty to just one or two companies would hurt small trash haulers, cost jobs, and lead to more trucks heading in and out of the San Fernando Valley.

Environmental groups and others believe the companies in operation have widely differing standards on recycling, and their many banners make it virtually impossible to know which companies are responsible for neighborhood nuisances, like leaking dumpsters. Officials are holding a meeting to give both sides a chance to weigh in, Wednesday.

Should it be open season on trash pickup? Or is a more streamlined approach the best route for the long haul?


Sean Rossall, Spokesperson, Angelenos for a Clean Environment – comprised of business groups and the Los Angeles County Disposal Association

Greg Good, Campaign Director, Don't Waste L.A. – a coalition spearheaded by the labor-affiliated Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy