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Are schools doling out too many suspensions and expulsions?

Should we go back to the days of timeout?
Should we go back to the days of timeout?
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Among the many calls for school reform, comes one that aims to change school discipline.

On Monday, a panel convened by the California Endowment will review how and when students are kicked out of classrooms, arguing that the state hands out more suspensions and expulsions than diplomas. And, that students of color are far more likely to face harsh punishments than their white peers.

When do the most severe measures become a matter of course? Is extreme disciplinary action necessary to maintain order and a sense of real consequence? What’s the best way to do that?


Laura Faer, Education Rights Director, Public Counsel Law Center

Bernard James, Professor of Constitutional Law and specialist in education law at Pepperdine University; author of the School Safety Law Blog