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As Twitter continues to grow, what’s next for the social media giant?

What's next for Twitter?
What's next for Twitter?
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Two weeks ago, the first Presidential debate generated a record 10 million tweets. The second debate scored over 7 million tweets, a large portion of them mentioning Mitt Romney’s ‘binder full of women’. People following on Twitter don’t have to wait for the debates to be over before finding out who wins. Twitter wants to be a companion for everything you watch on television. The site is making moves to be more accessible to those who don’t even have accounts.

With Twitter turning out these kinds of numbers it begs the question: what’s next for the social media giant? Will there be a fight for ‘the second screen’? What is ‘the second screen’? Does Twitter give citizens a voice that they didn’t have before? Why yell at your politicians or favorite athletes on television when you can just mention them on Twitter?


Will Oremus, staff writer, Slate

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