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Oscar-nominated Israeli documentary 'The Gatekeepers'

Filmmaker Dror Moreh, director of
Filmmaker Dror Moreh, director of "The Gatekeepers"
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

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Israeli filmmaker Dror Moreh set out with an immodest proposal. He wanted on-camera interviews with all the former chiefs of Israel's secret service unit, Shin Bet, about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Somehow he pulled it off and secured lengthy, candid interviews with each of the six chiefs still alive. As Moreh explains, these were "the people with the power to shape history from behind the scenes. Living in the shadows, they have never spoken about their work in front of a camera before." Their perspective might surprise you.

How did Moreh make it happen? How does he compare a history told by Shin Bet to a history told by political leaders and civilians on either side of the conflict? How has the documentary been received in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories?

Dror Moreh, Director, “The Gatekeepers,” Previously directed “Sharon” – a feature-length documentary about Ariel Sharon; Moreh has also worked as a Director of Photography and Cinematographer

Tomorrow, the film opens at the Hollywood ArcLight and The Landmark theater. It will have wider release on February 22. Click here for more showtimes.