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Oscar Pistorius released on bail

Oscar Pistorius in a Pretoria court Tuesday.
Oscar Pistorius in a Pretoria court Tuesday.
Siphiwe Sibeko /Reuters /Landov

Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius has been released on a $113,00 bail. Investigation of Pistorius in the murder of his girlfriend got off to a chaotic start this week when police replaced the lead investigator on the case after it was revealed that he was facing seven charges of attempted murder.

During a bail hearing, news of the replacement and calls for investigation into Pistorius’ mental health clouded claims from prosecution that Pistorius could easily flee the country. The prosecution argues that the murder of Reeva Steenkamp was premeditated, and that the four lethal shots Pistorius fired through his bathroom door were planned, citing the fact that he had put on his prosthetic legs. Pistorius says that he woke in the middle of the night thinking that an intruder had entered the house, and fired shots without his legs on because he felt “vulnerable.”

A magistrate released Pistorius on bail, ordering him to avoid the house where the shooting took place and to not speak with any witnesses. Pistorius turned in all his passports and will return to court for trial in June. If Pistorius is convicted of premeditated murder he will serve life in prison.

Is the Pistorius investigation tainted by the investigation’s rocky start? Did the Olympic runner deserve to be let out on bail? Would he have been safe in prison?