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Good, gunning and game across America

Author Dan Baum joins Larry to talk about his new book,
Author Dan Baum joins Larry to talk about his new book, "Gun Guys: A Road Trip," where Baum journeys through America to find out what people really think about guns.
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Author Dan Baum is a self-professed Democrat and gun lover. While that combo seems like oil and water in an era of partisan stands on the 2nd Amendment, Baum argues that appreciation of guns is not as polarizing as the media might have us believe. To prove his point, he set out on a road trip across the United States to discover what America’s gun culture really looks like.

Baum was the kind of kid a bully might pick on as a boy, but at camp in the Catskill Mountains, he found out he was a good shot, and guns found their place in his life from there on. His road trip was an attempt to square blue-state America’s image of gun rights advocates with red-state America’s image of liberals who want to disarm law-abiding citizens. While driving from city to city and town to town, he parses the numbers and language surround a culture that, in the wake of Newtown and Aroura, has found its way into the center of our national political conversation.

Dan Baum, author of “Gun Guys: A Road Trip”