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Bringing Woody Guthrie’s ‘House of Earth’ to life

"House of Earth," by Woody Guthrie

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When songwriter and folk hero Woody Guthrie died in 1967 at the age of 55, he left behind paintings, sketches, journals, and over 3,000 songs. His autobiography, "Bound For Glory," was published in 1943 and has become somewhat of a cult classic. But almost 50 years after his death, his only known novel has been published.

"House of Earth," a long-lost novel written by Guthrie in 1947, wasn't published until February 5, 2013 by Harper under actor Johnny Depp's publishing imprint, Infinitum Nihil. Guthrie was apparently unable to have the novel published during his lifetime. Johnny Depp and New York Times bestselling author and historian Douglas Brinkley edited and co-wrote the introduction.

Douglas Brinkley, author and historian, co-editor (with Johnny Depp) to “House of Earth”

House of Earth Excerpt