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Federal Trade Commission announces winners of "Robocalls Challenge"

Aaron Foss and Serdar Danis win $50,000 from the FCC for their
Aaron Foss and Serdar Danis win $50,000 from the FCC for their "robocall" blocking techology called "Nomorobo."
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How many times have you picked up the phone at home only to hear an automated computer voice on the other end? The Federal Trade Commission gets about 200,000 complaints every month related to “robocalls” – computer-dialed, prerecorded messages – and it recently sponsored a national contest to find the best blocking technology for these unsolicited calls.  

Winners for the contest were announced earlier this week. The winners are Aaron Foss, a freelance software developer who came up with a program called "Nomorobo," and Serdar Danis, a computer engineer. Each will receive $25,000.

How does Nomorobo work? Can consumers expect to see Nomorobo on the market soon? What are the laws governing robocalls nationally and in California now?

Shaun Dakin, founder of National Political Do Not Contact Registry and an anti-robocall advocate

Aaron Foss, independent software developer based in Long Island, NY