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Rounding up bill activity in California legislature as both houses prepare to vote this week

A view of the California State Capitol in Sacramento.
A view of the California State Capitol in Sacramento.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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The California Assembly Appropriations Committee shelved 144 bills on Friday with an eye on the state's fiscal constraints. The bills not making it to the Assembly floor would have cost the state $2.8 billion, and included measures to require adult film stars to wear condoms and a measure to put a 10% tax on bullet sales.

Some of the bills moving forward include AB 48, a bill that requires ammunition dealers to report sales of more than 3000 rounds to the Department of Justice, AB 47, which would increase penalties for swatting (prank 911 calls), and AB 999, which would require prisons to provide inmates with access to condoms when they are available. Last weeks the Senate Appropriations Committee also shelved a slew of its own bills that would have cost $3.2 billion, including separate tax measures on cigarettes, sodas, and oil extraction.

The Senate will, however, push forward on a number of gun related measures, including SB 47, which would expand current bans on assault weapons to include certain semi-automatic rifles and pistols, and SB 53, which would increase regulation on all ammunition purchases and ban all internet and mail order sales of ammunition.


Julie Small, KPCC State Capitol Reporter

Dan Walters, Political Columnist, The Sacramento Bee