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Why aren’t people buying electric cars?

A Chevy Volt parked outside the Austin Convention Center.
A Chevy Volt parked outside the Austin Convention Center.
Erica M/Flickr

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General Motors just slashed the price of its electric model the Volt to try and make up for lagging sales. Nissan is also offering huge discounts on leases of their all-electric Leaf. The price of an all-electric car now rivals many popular non-electric models.

If the price tag is no longer a barrier to people buying electric cars, and they’re good for the environment, and they’re no longer a novelty...why aren't they selling? Are Chevy and Nissan doing an effective job of marketing the vehicles? Is there a broader marketing strategy for electric vehicles that would make them sell better? Do you own an electric car? Why? Would you consider buying one? Why not?

Sasha Strauss, founder of Innovation Protocol

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