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How do parents choose the perfect baby name?

What factors influence the names parents give their babies?
What factors influence the names parents give their babies?

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Have you ever wished that you had a different name? Many soon-to-be-parents take naming their bundle of joy very seriously and go on an exhaustive quest for the perfect baby name. Whether it’s inventing a name or inheriting one, parents juggle between names that are too common or too weird. Which factors influence this decision?

A recent study by University of Chicago political scientists stated that the parents’ political affiliation affects their baby’s name. The study showed that liberals prefer softer sounding names with “L” and “A” sounds, and conservatives prefer harder sounding names with “K” and “T” sounds.

In your experience, does this theory hold water? What are current baby naming trends? Do you have any naming regrets? Can a child’s name affect their lives and future success?


Tom Wood, second author of the  University of Chicago paper, “Liberellas versus Konservatives: Social Status, Ideology, and Birth Names in the United States"

Pamela Redmond Satran, co-producer of baby name website Nameberry; co-author of numerous baby name books including, “Beyond Ava & Aiden: The Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby (St. Martin's Griffin, 2009) and “The Baby Name Bible: The Ultimate Guide By America's Baby-Naming Experts” (St. Martin's Griffin, 2007)