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Neal Baer on his new series 'Under The Dome'

A new CBS show,
A new CBS show, "Under the Dome," is based on the Stephen King novel.

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Neal Baer’s highly anticipated series “Under the Dome” follows the story of Chester’s Mill, a small town that is mysteriously cut off from the rest of the world when a huge transparent dome covers it. People are cut off from family and friends and must cope with the reality of living in a Petri dish of sorts. The series is based off of Stephen King’s novel by the same name. King is an executive producer of the show, alongside Steven Spielberg.


Neal Baer, Executive Producer, CBS Television's new primetime series, "Under the Dome" -- a serialized drama from Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television based on the Stephen King novel of the same name; previously, Baer was an EP and writer on the hit shows "ER" And "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit;" Baer is also a medical doctor.

"Under the Dome" premieres tonight at 10 p.m. PST on CBS Television.