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Are In-N-Out burgers overrated or worth the hype? (Poll)

Are In-N-Out burgers really as tasty as they're made out to be?
Are In-N-Out burgers really as tasty as they're made out to be?

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In-N-Out isn't just a hamburger joint for many Angelenos, it is a Southern California cultural institution and a source of pride. For those living outside of Los Angeles, it is a tourist attraction as worthy for a stopover as Disneyland. But not everyone thinks In-N-Out lives up to the hype. Case in point: A food critic for USA Today has just written a scathing review of the burger chain:

Despite its very passionate loyal following, the actual burgers at In-N-Out are not especially good. The very basic, thin fast-food patties housed in generic buns are nearly identical to those at McDonald's or Burger King.

"All the toppings are better than they would be at their main competitors, bearing in mind that it is fast food, so if you get a loaded burger you're getting a lot of value for your money," said food critic Larry Olmstead on AirTalk. "But if you're somebody who is more focused on the burger or orders it plain, I don't think In-N-Out stands out as well."

Are you an In-N-Out convert, or do you, too, find it a bit of a disappointment? With everything from Umami Burger to Five Guys in the city, what do you think is the best burger in Los Angeles?

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Larry Olmsted, journalist and author behind the Great American Bites column for and a columnist for

Ben Waters, co-founder of Here is LaFoodie's list of the best burgers in Los Angeles.