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Local groups concerned over future of Lake Tahoe development

Lake Tahoe, California
Lake Tahoe, California
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Environmental groups are objecting to the aims of the Tahoe Regional Planning Association (TRPA), claiming it has become an economic development group above its obligation to protect the health of Lake Tahoe. A coalition that includes groups like the Tahoe Area Sierra Club are protesting the TRPA as well as a California senate bill that supports it.

 The measure currently before the California Legislation could change an agreement reached last year with Nevada over the development at Lake Tahoe. The agreement between California and Nevada sought to limit the powers of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. Nevada wanted more control over the developmental decisions made around Lake Tahoe.

“California ceded its authority to the state of Nevada to dictate the terms of the agreement,” said Laurel Amels, Sierra Club spokesperson in an article to the LA Times. Amels expects a lot more developments along the lake because of the changes to the potential plan.

What impact does changing the agreement have on the environment? Who should have more power over the developments in Lake Tahoe? 

Darcie Goodman Collins, Executive Director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe

Laurel Ames, Co-chair of the Conservation Committee at the Tahoe Area Sierra Club