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Jewish philanthropy’s role in shaping Los Angeles

What inspires the Jewish drive to give?
What inspires the Jewish drive to give?
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 A recent study out shows that the number one predictor that a Jewish person will give to charity is their connectedness to the Jewish community. This connection made Jews more likely to give to Jewish organizations, as one might expect, but it also made them more likely to give to non-Jewish organizations as well. Jews, the study found, were far more likely than other groups to give. Seventy-two percent of Jews reported giving to charity in the past year, substantially more than the 63 percent of other groups.

Interestingly, at income levels over $50,000 per year, Jews give at the same rate as non-Jews, but under that income, Jews gave at much higher rates than others. Though that’s not to say that wealthy Jewish philanthropists don’t play big roles in helping shape institutions of the arts, medicine, and education all both locally and internationally.

What inspires the Jewish drive to give? Why do Jews choose the charities they ultimately write a check to? How does Jewish giving impact Los Angeles? If you’re Jewish, which causes do you give to and why?


Joshua Avedon, co-founder of Jumpstart, a philanthropic research & design lab based in Los Angeles