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Roman Polanski: A filmmaker's retrospective

A look back at the career of Roman Polanksi
A look back at the career of Roman Polanksi

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James Greenberg’s picture packed book covers Roman Polanski’s career as a filmmaker and actor. Polanski has been making films since the 60's beginning with his thriller, “Knife in the Water.” He has directed dramas and dark comedies such as “Rosemary's Baby,” 1974's “Chinatown” and the Oscar winning “The Pianist.” Greenberg's book on Polanski showcases ample photographs and stills from Polanski’s numerous films.  

Greenberg interviewed Polanski extensively for this coffee table book. He first met Polanski over 20 years ago on a cruise ship when the director was filming a scene for “Bitter Moon.” Greenberg’s access to the filmmaker provides an insight into the extensive career and a behind the scenes look at some of Polanski's most iconic films.


James Greenberg, Editor in Chief of the DGA Quarterly and author of “Roman Polanski: A Retrospective.”

Greenberg will be signing copies of the book on Sunday, September 8 at 3pm at Diesel Bookstore in Brentwood.