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Opportunities for LGBT performers in Hollywood improving, but discrimination remains

Do you think Hollywood is becoming more gay-friendly?
Do you think Hollywood is becoming more gay-friendly?

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A new report released by the Screen Actors Guild found that Hollywood is not that gay-friendly when the cameras are not rolling. Despite the rise in gay and transgendered characters in television shows and in movies, gay actors are still experiencing discrimination in Hollywood.

The survey found that more than 50 percent of actors who identify as gay felt producers and directors were biases against them. The survey that featured more than 5,000 LGBT respondents found that 16 percent of respondents said they experienced discrimination. More than half said they heard directors and producers make anti-gay comments on set.  

Do you think Hollywood is becoming more gay-friendly? If you work in the industry, what has been your experience? What can be done to curb on-set discrimination?


Jody Herman, co-author of the study “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Diversity in Entertainment: Experiences and Perspectives of SAG-AFTRA Members;” Public Policy Fellow and Manager of Transgender Research, Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law

Jason Stuart, National Co-Chair of the SAG-AFTRA LGBT Committee; comedian and actor