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LAUSD's fuss over Deasy's future - too much bad blood or just enough?

John Deasy will stay on as Superintendent through 2016
John Deasy will stay on as Superintendent through 2016
Krista Kennell/AFP/Getty Images

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After a tense few days, yesterday the L.A. Unified school board emerged from a closed-door session with the announcement that Dr. John Deasy will stay on as superintendent. The votes of the seven-person board are unknown still, but it gave Deasy satisfactory approval- an annual condition of continuing his contract.

"I thank the board for a good and robust evaluation, and I particularly thank you for a really excellent and honest conversation, building the rapport to work together to continue to lift students out of poverty," Deasy told reporters yesterday evening. How everyone will work together going forward is an open question.

Today, the teachers union issued a statement from UTLA President Warren Fletcher: “It is unbelievable that the Board of Education has given John Deasy a ‘satisfactory’ evaluation and rewarded him by extending his contract through June, 2016, despite a clear message from LA’s teachers and health and human services professionals that Deasy’s leadership is anything but satisfactory.”

After both sides flexed their muscles over these last few days - sparked by rumors and reports over Deasy's departure - can they reach a productive, peaceful standoff?


Warren Fletcher, President, UTLA (United Teachers Los Angeles)

Evelyn Larrubia, Education Editor, KPCC

Raphael Sonenshein, Executive Director of The Pat Brown Institute of Public Affairs, California State University at Los Angeles