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Is the United States of America a smorgasbord of 11 distinct nations?


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When Americans draw regional lines it's pretty straightforward: there's the west, New England, the plain states, the south, etc. However, when you take into account the history of migration, economics, religions and political opinion, the internal divides in America are less intuitive and much more stark.

Historian Colin Woodard has mapped a thought-provoking version of the U.S. (see map below). It prompts the question of whether our regional history is our political destiny. What will shape the internal borders of our collective future? Where does Los Angeles fit in this map?

(Map courtesy of Tufts University)


Colin Woodard, Journalist, Historian and Author, “American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America;” Currently state and National Affairs Writer the “Portland Press Herald” and “Maine Sunday Telegram,” where he won a George Polk Award this year