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Airline Wi-Fi companies say in-flight voice calls are the future

Will more people be making in-flight phone calls?
Will more people be making in-flight phone calls?

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More and more people want to be connected at all times and that impulse extends to those who are flying thousands of feet above ground on an airplane.

While the Federal Aviation Administration has relaxed rules on the use of electronic gadgets in-flight, allowing passengers to use their tablets and MP3 players and e-readers during all stages of flight, there is apparently one mode of communication that flyers want to ban: good old fashioned telephone calls.

Gogo Inc, a startup that has built an app that would allow users to text and talk while they are flying, has been fielding quite a few complaints from folks who want to see the company block the phone call feature on the app.

“They think it would be uncomfortable to listen to the person next to you talk on the phone,” Michael Small, CEO of Gogo, told Bloomberg News in an interview. 


Rick Baldridge, President and Chief Operations Officer, ViaSat 

Patrick Smith, former commercial airline pilot and columnist found at He has a new book out called "cockpit Confidential: Everything You Need to Know About Air Travel"