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There’s no tech like old tech: Calling all neo-Luddites, late adopters, and staunch holdouts

by AirTalk®

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The Motorola MPx wireless device which is designed to be multi-functional phone with Wi-Fi, General Packet Radio Service technologies, and a fully functioning keyboard. Getty Images/Getty Images

New tech gadgets seem like the perfect stocking stuffers, but not for a small sector of neo-luddites whose loyalty for whatever outdated technology they own is unshakable. You know those people, those with old flip phones from the early 2000s that aren’t connected to the internet or prefer to watch Monday Night Football on their non-plasmas, non-HD television sets. To be fair, they aren’t just your technophobic grandparents.

According to a recent Financial Times article, some of wealthiest and most powerful people in the European business world have hung on to their old gadgets. Why? “It works, never breaks, has a long battery life,” Julian Dunkerton, CEO of SuperGroup, the international clothing brand, told the newspaper. Even President Obama is a tech holdout when it comes to his mobile communication needs, he is  apparently stuck with his Blackberry for security reasons.

How about you? Have you held on to a piece of old technology that you find yourself unable or unwilling to get rid of? Why?


Evan Koblentz, computer historian at the InfoAge Science Center--a science history museum in Wall , New Jersey 

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