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Judge deems Hollywood development plan 'fatally flawed'

Capitol Records building in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Calif.
Capitol Records building in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Calif.

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An LA Superior Court judge has put the brakes on a development project that would allow taller buildings and denser building projects in Hollywood. The tentative ruling found that the zoning blueprint was "fundamentally flawed, and fatally so," essentially killing off the plan to allow larger developments in Hollywood.

The judge ruled that the plan, which is an update to the Hollywood Community Plan that was approved by city leaders, failed to comply with the state's environmental laws and ordered the city to rescind all building permits that have been issued. The ruling claimed that the proposal was based on outdated population numbers that don't reflect the city's current need for services. Neighborhood groups have been going to court to fight the development plan to keep high rise towers out of Hollywood.

City leaders, including Mayor Eric Garcetti who represented the district for 12 years, lamented the judge's decision, calling the development plan "smart growth" that will bring much needed revenue to the city and clean up some high crime areas. Without any approved plan in place, what's next for Hollywood's development? Can the city appeal the ruling or are they back to square one? What alternatives to the plan should the city be looking at? Does Hollywood's shrinking population affect the need for high-density development?


Beverly Palmer, Attorney for Fix the City - a Los Angeles community group fighting the Hollywood Community Plan

Mitch O’Farrell, L.A. City Councillor representing the 13th district, which covers larges sections of Hollywood