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Colby Fire: AirTalk has latest on evacuations, fire-fighting and air quality

Photo of the Colby Fire taken from Monrovia.
Photo of the Colby Fire taken from Monrovia.
Benjamin Demers/Twitter

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A wildfire in the foothills above Glendora Thursday morning was moving into residential neighborhoods and burning out of control in the Angeles National Forest.

At least one home was burned so far, and more homes remain in danger, with evacuations in effect. Officially called the Colby Fire, the fire was centered in the San Gabriel Mountains just north of Glendora, about 25 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. A smoke advisory has been issued by the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

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People in the area should avoid outdoor activities or even indoor exertion - and keep windows closed, only running air conditioners. Residents unable to avoid smoky areas are advised to wear special N95 or P100 respirator masks.

How have you been affected? What advice do you have for your fellow Angelenos?


Phil Currie, Glendora resident who has chosen to not evacuate

Kathy Rudnyk, evacuated from her home during the Colby Fire.

Tony Akins, Inspector  with the LA County Fire Department  

Philip Fine, Ph.D., Assistant Deputy Executive Officer, South Coast Air Quality Management District