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AirTalk listeners: What is your terrible time-suck?

This January 30, 2014 photo taken in Washington,DC, shows the splash page for the social media internet site Facebook.
This January 30, 2014 photo taken in Washington,DC, shows the splash page for the social media internet site Facebook.

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How many times have you logged on to Facebook or Instagram and, before you know it, blown two hours reading and looking at things that don’t necessarily benefit your life?

Facebook turns 10 this week. And to show the impact (or detriment) that the social networking site has had on our lives, TIME released a calculator that allows you to add up how many days you've lost on the site. (Share your results in comments.)

It's no surprise that social media is a time-suck, but losing yourself in these activities is certainly something that predates the dawn of technology.

AirTalk wants to hear from you. What's your online obsession? Is wasting time always a bad thing? Here's what our listeners had to say Monday on the show: 

"I get sucked into restaurant and hotel reviews on Trip Advisor and I read them for cities I'm not even planning to visit. I just can't stop. I'm obsessed with travel." 

—Julie in Santa Monica

"I spend far too much time making intelligent comments on the Airtalk forum. I should really get back to work."

—Chris from Anaheim

"I love dictionaries. I can get lost for a long time. Look up one word and it refers you to another one, another word catches your eye on that page. I'd be gone for an hour."

—Erin in Inglewood

"Wikipedia — I start off looking at an article of a recent event and end up losing two hours researching about every aspect that related to it."


"I can just get lost for hours manipulating my photographs in light room in Photoshop. The time just goes away."

—Paul in Cheviot Hills

"I always find myself drawn to the same website: And I spend hours; I'd say at least five or six hours a week on that. ... It's constant user-content, and it's entertainment, news, all sorts of entertaining things."

—Jordy in Loma Linda

"Google street view ... I start looking at a map, just looking up directions of somewhere I'm going, or an office somewhere, and then pretty soon the map turns into the street view,  and I'm down alleys and streets I have no idea where they are and it's endlessly fascinating."

—Sam in Pasadena

"My husband calls it second-screening that anytime I'm watching a movie, I get sucked into on another device and waste the whole movie looking up things about the director or the production or the actors."

—Erin in Carson

"I get sucked in for hours on ... You find one name and then it leads to another date and then it leads to another website. I can be there the whole day. It's priceless. I love it."

—Melba in Chino Hills

"I'm on Tumblr all the time. I go on this for hours on end. ... Generally, it does take a little out of my sleep schedule because I get so immersed in it."

—Patricia in Santa Ana

What's the biggest time-suck for you? Let us know in comments, on Facebook or Twitter