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It’s complicated: Our relationship with the smartphone


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According to the latest figures from digital trend tracker comScore, 166 million people in the U.S. now own a smartphone. That's almost 7 out of every 10 cellphone users in the country. 

The smartphone undoubtedly has changed the way we live, work, and play, but the perennial question remains  whether the benefits outstrip the unintended headaches. The latest to weigh in on this debate is tech bible Wired magazine, which has devoted much of its August issue looking at the different ways the smartphone has "unleashed humanity's creative potential." 

What does your smartphone mean to you?


Rob Capps, Director of Editorial Projects, WIRED magazine. His piece, How Smartphones Have Unleashed Humanity’s Creative Potential, is in this month’s magazine, a themed issue devoted entirely to the topic 

Jason Perlow, Senior Technology Editor at ZDNet, a tech news site, and a technologist