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Are computer tablets the best tech for K-12 students to use in the classroom?


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LAUSD’s rollout of its iPad program has been challenge-prone to say the least. On Monday afternoon, the FBI seized 20 boxes of documents for its investigation in how the district handled its $1.3 billion program. KPCC is reporting that a federal grand jury will meet Friday to look at the evidence.

There’s little argument against the incorporation of new technology into the classroom. But what form should it take? Should it be the tablet? Or would student needs be better served with a laptop? What are the infrastructural challenges to a school technology rollout? What can LAUSD learn from other districts in the country?


Brandon Martinez, assistant professor of clinical education, Rossier School of Education at USC. He’s also a high school administrator at a comprehensive high school in the San Gabriel Valley

Keith Krueger, CEO of Consortium of School Networking, a national association for chief technology officers for school districts in the country

Jane Margolis, senior researcher, UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies