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What 'Back to the Future' got right about 2015

Moviegoers watch
Moviegoers watch "Back to the Future" from the comfort of the vehicles at The Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In on October 11, 2013 in Miami, Florida.
File photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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Capitalizing on the success of the first "Back to the Future" movie, which was released in 1985, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and most of the original cast returned to the silver screen just four years later for a sequel set in the far off year of 2015.

While some of the movie’s predictions about future technology are laughable to us future-dwellers, Adrienne LaFrance with The Atlantic contends that, “... examining how the real world advanced … is far more revealing.” Hover-boards, instant re-hydrators and flying cars? No. But what the movie was able to pinpoint is a few key technologies, variations of which are still in use today.

Today, AirTalk takes a look back at our favorite gadgets from "Back to the Future," and examines the technology that will shape 2015 and beyond.


Adrienne LaFrance, reporter with The Atlantic

Jefferson Graham, technology columnist for USA Today, and host of the Talking Tech video podcast series

Jason Perlow, Senior Technology Editor at ZDNet, a tech news site; a technologist