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New documentary revisits Nazi concentration camps with restored and never-before-seen footage

"Night Will Fall"

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Unlike the present when most Americans are aware of the Nazi concentration camps and the millions who were killed, very few Americans at the time had any idea of the camps despite the massive war effort on the part of the United States after 1941. After the camps were liberated from Nazi control, army filmmakers took extensive footage of Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, Auschwitz, and others in an attempt to document what had happened.

Yet despite a serious attempt by prolific industry men such as Alfred Hitchcock and Richard Crossman to document the footage, particularly in a film entitled, "German Concentration Camps Factual Survey," the project never fully got off the ground. Without being widely seen, the footage has been held for decades, and it had even been put together with a commentary by Trevor Howard. Yet that project was also limited, and moreover the final reel of footage had not been included in the film.

Now, the footage will be released again, this time with narration by actress Helena Bonham Carter, behind-the-scenes interviews from Alfred Hitchcock and others, and the complete footage. Directed by Andre Singer, the film is called "Night Will Fall," and it will be released by HBO Documentary Films.

"Night Will Fall" will air tonight, January 27, on HBO2, in conjunction with a global event and telecast to commemorate international Holocaust Remembrance.


Sally Angel, Producer, “Night Will Fall”