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Greek Drama: Live Nation speaks out against City Council decision

Los Angeles City Hall.
Los Angeles City Hall.
Alice Walton/KPCC

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Controversy continues to follow a vote by a City Council committee this week to re-up the Nederlander Organization as the operator of the historic and city-owned Greek Theatre.

While Nederlander (now Nederlander-AEG) had managed the theatre for four decades, an independent commission of experts had determined in October that Live Nation would be the better choice for the venue as it would spend more money on renovations. Yet both companies have undertaken extensive lobbying, and the City Council committee’s vote reverses the independent commission’s decision.

Whereas the initial controversy came from Live Nation’s ability to upend Nederlander-AEG as the managing organization after four decades at the helm, the new contention comes from what is seen as an opaque and unaccountable decision from the City Council. Critics of the decision have accused the Council of not providing adequate explanation for why this alternative decision would be better for the theatre. On the other side, vocal residents and neighbors of The Greek are celebrating yesterday’s move, after weeks of rallying for Nederlander

Today, the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board published an article in which they hired an outside firm to analyze the options facing the City Council. The firm brought in industry experts, who concluded that Live Nation would be the better choice.

While the Times Editorial Board has put its hat into the ring, there is still a chance that another vote could come in front of the entire City Council.

Did the City Council act without transparency and accountability for this vote? Would Nederlander-AEG be a better manager for the Greek Theatre than Live Nation? Will this vote change your experience of and at the venue?


Joe Berchtold, Chief Operating Officer, Live Nation