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Coke's new pricey, protein-pumped milk; biz analyst weighs in

Fairlife Milk, Whole, by Coca Cola, 1/2015
Fairlife Milk, Whole, by Coca Cola, 1/2015
Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on Youtube (via Flickr)

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Coca-cola is unveiling a premium milk that has more protein, less sugar, zero lactose and twice the price.

The national rollout over the next several weeks is gambling that fortified, functional beverages will fill the void created by the unpopularity of soft drinks.

Who is the target market - families, athletes? What are the health pros and cons?  Would you be interested in buying it?


John Sicher, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest, a trade publication covering the non-alcoholic beverage industry