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California GOP welcomes gay group

Proud to be a Republican
Proud to be a Republican
Mike Licht via Flickr

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The California Republican party voted to formally welcome the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay political group, to the state GOP yesterday.

The party’s state platform still officially opposes homosexuality, but many political analysts say the overwhelming vote in favor of the Log Cabin Republicans marks a new era for the state party.

With California GOP voter registration at a historic low of 28 percent, will this attract new members? Will acceptance of the Log Cabin Republicans usher in real policy reform?


Charles Moran, Chairman of the Log Cabin California chapter

Seema Mehta, LA Times political reporter who’s been following the story 

Jeremiah Garretson, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Stony Brook University in New York; Garretson specializes in the intersection of politics and sexuality