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South L.A. looks to rebrand as SOLA

South Central Los Angeles Wetlands Park Opening 2012
South Central Los Angeles Wetlands Park Opening 2012
The City Project/Flickr

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What was once South-Central LA is now known more commonly as south LA.  In another effort to re-brand the area, a new name's proposed - SOLA, S-O-L-A.  

Much chance it catches on?  Should it?

The L.A. City Council is attempting to rebrand South Los Angeles as “SOLA”. Arguing that the nickname will reinvigorate the area south of downtown, Councilmember Bernard C. Parks, who represents the 8th district, introduced an amendment this month that would substitute the acronym on all city documents referring to South L.A. “They [the residents] see these other communities reinvigorated by these contemporary names. And they wonder, at times, why their community is lagging behind,” Parks told the L.A. Times.

Do you think this will improve things for the region? What’s in a name? Could SOLA become the next WeHo, NoHo or DTLA?  

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Herb Wesson, City Council President. He referred the motion Tuesday to a neighborhoods committee