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Venice considers bringing back topless sunbathing

Venice Beach
Venice Beach
Charlie Llewellin via Flickr

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In a 12-2 vote, the Venice Neighborhood Council showed their support for allowing women to go topless at Venice Beach.

The impetus behind the resolution is to support the equal rights of women to bare their chests like men. For now, Los Angeles Municipal Code prohibits ladies from being topless at any beach in the county.

The L.A. City Council will still have to pass the proposal before it becomes law, and councilman Mike Bonin was quoted in the L.A. Times as saying that he is focused on other priorities in Venice.

How do the citizens of Venice feel about this possibility? Does allowing toplessness for women chip away at equal rights? Will this resolution get any support from LA City Council?


Melissa Diner, community officer for the Venice Neighborhood Council. She sponsored the motion to allow topless sunbathing on Venice Beach

Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders’ Association