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Kicking, crushing, burning, shooting: Your worst technology revenge horror stories

A Colorado man was cited for shooting his computer.
A Colorado man was cited for shooting his computer.
Colorado Springs Police Department

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We’ve all reached our breaking point with technology, and maybe have even wanted to go "Office Space" on the offending machine...

A Colorado man was recently ticketed for shooting his 2012 Dell XPS 410 computer eight times in a back alley.

While he faces a possible fine, Lucas Hinch says, “It was glorious, angels sung on high.” While there’s no law on the books about machine homicide, it is illegal to fire a gun in the city limits of Hinch’s hometown of Colorado Springs. Hinch says the incident was premeditated, after his computer continued giving him the “blue screen of death.”

We’ve all reached that point with our smartphones, computers and wearables -- whether shooting, burning, crushing, driving or throwing off a cliff, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done to retaliate against your technology?

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