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How the nation’s strongest equal pay bill got CA businesses’ backing

Gender Wage Gap Warning
Gender Wage Gap Warning
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California Senate Bill 358, also known as the Fair Pay Act, would ensure that women are paid equally as their male colleagues.

The bill passed the Senate unanimously this week and will head to the Assembly. State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson authored the bill and said she was inspired in part by actress Patricia Arquette’s 2015 Academy Award acceptance speech.

The bill has the backing of the California Chamber of Commerce, and no stated opposition, yet.

How will the bill work, if passed into law. How will it be implemented?

California State Senate Bill 358


Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, State Senator representing District 19, which incorporates Santa Barbara County and a portion of Ventura County, including the cities of Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Oxnard. She is the author of SB 358

Ken DeVore, Legislative Director, National Federation of Independent Business, California chapter

Christina Villegas, Political Science instructor at Cal State San Bernardino, and a visiting fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, a DC-based organization promoting free market policies