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When to mind your own business? Confronting your lying, cheating friend...or a total stranger

When is the appropriate time to out lovers in an affair?
When is the appropriate time to out lovers in an affair?
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An incident where a woman was caught sexting her lover while sitting next to her husband at an Atlanta Braves baseball game has gone viral.

The woman was caught by two sisters sitting behind her at the game, who not only took pictures and videos of the text message exchange, but posted them online.

At one point, one of the sisters alerted the unsuspected husband by handing him this message: “Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy.” Nancy was the name the woman used to text her lover.

The incident has sparked a conversation on whether it is ethical for the two sisters to out the unfaithful woman. Would you have done the same thing? Would you act differently if the person in question was not a stranger, but a friend?

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