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LA now requires you to lock up your gun at home

"M16 Rifle Rack Gun Storage: Photos of my M16 Assault Rifle Racks"
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The Los Angeles City Council has unanimously thrown its support behind an ordinance that will require all firearms to be stored in a locked container or disabled with trigger locks.

Before the vote came down, members of LA Police Union asked for an amendment exempting reserve or retired officers from the rule. 

Ultimately, the council said that everyone will need to abide by the ordinance -- unless they have the gun holstered on their body or literally right by their hand.

But gun advocates argue that while firearm owners should store their firearms responsibly, how they do it should be a personal choice. They counter that the specific needs of the firearm owner should be taken into consideration, that a single woman who lives alone in a high-crime areas, and may require quicker access to a firearm for self-defense, does not have the same storage needs as a family in a gated community.

Do you agree? A final draft of the proposed law will come back to the city council next week, for a final vote.

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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Concealed Weapon Licensing Policy


Paul Krekorian, City Councilmember for the 2nd district encompassing the San Fernando Valley; he proposed the gun ordinance

Paul Neuharth, Attorney with Constitutional Law, Criminal Defense and Administrative Agency, a law firm based in San Diego who works on gun ownership cases; he’s also a former police officer