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Emmy 2015 Unstructured Reality: ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’

Alaskans Atz and Bonnie Kilcher, at the 2 Sisters Cafe, Homer, Alaska, USA
Alaskans Atz and Bonnie Kilcher, at the 2 Sisters Cafe, Homer, Alaska, USA
Wonderlane via Flickr

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The Kilchers are not your average family.

They live on a 600-acre plot of land just outside the remote community of Homer, Alaska, a place where electricity and water aren’t always running, and spend the few months that it’s not winter in Alaska preparing themselves to survive the cold.

All of this creates the basis for Discovery Channel’s “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” which chronicles the lives of the Kilchers as they try to survive the harsh conditions together. Family patriarch Atz and his brother Otto are the main focus of the show, though other members of the family and extended make appearances as well.

The show is currently broadcasting its fourth season. The Kilchers are kin to singer/songwriter Jewel (Kilcher).

Today on AirTalk, the showrunner for “Alaska: The Last Frontier” tells us how the idea for the show came about, the harsh conditions the Kilchers and the film crews have to endure while shooting, and his thoughts on being nominated for an Emmy Award.


Daniel Soiseth, Executive Producer of Discovery’s “Alaska The Last Frontier”

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