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The forgotten women who helped shape California's art culture

"Emerging From the Shadows" by Maurine St. Gaudens
Schiffer Books 2016

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A new four-volume collection has captured the efforts of 320 artists who advance the art culture in the Golden State.

Collectively, there are more than two thousand featured art pieces created between 1860 and 1960, many of which are making a debut in a publication.

Maurine St. Gaudens, editor of “Emerging from the Shadows,” chose to recognize artists who dedicated much of their life to art, but were never publicly acknowledged. Artwork ranging from realism to modern illustrations can be found in every volume.

Why have these women received little to no prior recognition? Have you been inspired by any of the artists mentioned by St. Gaudens?


Maurine St. Gaudens, editor of the book, “Emerging from the Shadows,” a fine arts conservator and historian

Joseph Morsman, a collaborator on the book, “Emerging from the Shadows,” a historian and film producer