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Meet the US Senate candidates: Loretta Sanchez

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez at a U.S. Senate debate at KPBS in San Diego, May 10, 2016.
Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez at a U.S. Senate debate at KPBS in San Diego, May 10, 2016.
Milan Kovacevic/KPBS

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AirTalk’s U.S. Senate race coverage continues with the top candidates vying to fill Barbara Boxer’s seat.

With the June 7 primary looming, Larry Mantle has welcomed Republican candidates Ron Unz, Duf Sundheim and most recently, Tom Del Beccaro to share their vision for California. Loretta Sanchez and Kamala Harris, both Democrats, are frontrunners in the last weeks before the Senate election. Today, we speak to Sanchez, who remains second to Harris in the race.

Sanchez may be most notable as a Congresswoman from Orange County. At last month’s final U.S. Senate debate, she promoted her roots as part of a “working-class, bilingual Southern California family.”

Throughout her campaign, Sanchez has emphasized the need for immigration reform and raising the minimum wage, correlating her experience as the daughter of Mexican immigrants to the plight of those who are undocumented and seeking work and educational opportunities in the U.S.

Sanchez has also served on the Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees and has touted herself as the only candidate with national security experience. Her other platforms include support of the Affordable Care Act and raising the maximum award for the Federal Pell Grant Program for college students.


Sanchez’s struggles during the Senate race have included separating herself from Kamala Harris. Both candidates are for raising the minimum wage, access to education for undocumented immigrants and reproductive rights for women. Larry Mantle speaks with Sanchez today on what makes her plans for California unique and how she intends to implement her policies, should she win the Senatorial seat.


Loretta Sanchez, U.S. Senate candidate and Congresswoman representing California’s 46th District, which includes Santa Ana, Anaheim and parts of Garden Grove and Orange in Orange County