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AirTalk’s Weekly Politics Update: Clinton won’t face charges over emails

FBI director James Comey speaks during a news conference in San Francisco in 2014.
FBI director James Comey speaks during a news conference in San Francisco in 2014.
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FBI Director James Comey announced this morning his Bureau won't recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. This announcement comes in spite of the long investigation determining 113 then-classified emails traveled through her personal server.

The much debated investigation found that eight emails contained top secret contents, which contradicts Clinton's claim that she neither sent nor received material that was classified at the time.

Comey said it's also possible foreign governments spied on the contents, given that Clinton sent classified material through her server while traveling in countries known to actively hack into U.S. servers.

So what’s the bottom line? Comey called Clinton's handling of classified material "extremely careless," but not criminal.

He said in such cases, administrative action would typically follow. However, it's unlikely a candidate for President would have her security clearance revoked, as other government employees likely would.

What do you think of the FBI’s decision not recommend criminal charges?


Julian Hattem, reporter with The Hill; he was at FBI director James Comey’s press conference this morning. He tweets @jmhattem

Renee Van Vechten, associate professor of government and political science at University of Redlands

Pete Peterson, dean of the School of Public Policy and executive director of The Davenport Institute at Pepperdine University