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Why you’re just not that into your dating apps

A mobile phone screen displays dating apps.
A mobile phone screen displays dating apps.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

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According to a recent Atlantic article, dating apps like Tinder and Hinge may be creating more exhaustion than excitement when thinking about the prospect of meeting someone new.

With the promise of a quick, productive way to filter through all the available people out there, there’s also the chore of swiping through the endless possibilities in the hopes of striking gold.

But are these apps making things harder or is dating just as overwhelming as it’s always been? And if the age-old challenge of finding a mate is to blame, then how have dating apps become a less fun and more fatigue-inducing experience?


Julie Beck, senior associate editor at The Atlantic; she wrote the article, “The Rise of Dating App Fatigue

Julie Albright, Ph.D., professor of psychology at USC’s Dornsife School and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in infidelity, relationship issues and online dating. She tweets @DrJulieA