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Inside KPCC’s new storytelling series, ‘UNHEARD LA’

Bruce Lemon at KPCC In Person's
Bruce Lemon at KPCC In Person's "UNHEARD LA."
William Youngblood

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“Unheard LA” is a brand-new, three-part series of live shows in different venues around our sprawling and too-often disconnected metropolis.

Katie Briggs - KPCC

Each show is unique and features a distinct lineup of real people sharing their true stories of struggle and survival, of hope and fear, of the unexpected and the unbelievable.

Here to talk about the project are “Unheard LA” co-producer Ashley Alvarado, and the host Bruce Lemon.

Alex Wand shares his piece, “Song a Day,” as part of KPCC In Person’s “Unheard L.A. – the stories of where you live” series of storytelling events.


Ashley Alvarado, manager, public engagement at KPCC; co-producer of the project, “Unheard LA”

Bruce Lemon, artistic director at the Watts Village Theater Company; host of “Unheard LA”