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A trend that’s not fizzling out: the rise of sparkling, seltzer and mineral waters

Photo by wondermonkey2k via Flickr Creative Commons

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While some are confounded by the popularity of sparkling waters, the numbers show that this trend is on the up and up.

And for every LaCroix hater..

...there are plenty of coworkers, family members, friends and KPCC producers guzzling down cans of the fizzy stuff as we speak.

In 2018, Americans will buy about 821 million gallons of sparkling water, almost three times the amount purchased in 2008. Last year, Coca-Cola bought Texas brand Topo Chico, and bottled-water brands Dasani and jumping into the market as well. (By the way, club soda, seltzer and sparkling water are all technically different, though likely not in consumers’ minds.)

And while consumers preferences for healthier drinks might be the driver of the growing demand, not all fizzy waters are totally healthy -- alcoholic, and even cannabinoid infused waters are coming to the fore.

So why is fizzy water on the rise? Are you a LaCroix hater? Or have you embraced the sugarless, carbonated life?


Gary Hemphill, managing director of research at the Beverage Marketing Corporation, an independent consulting and research firm dedicated to the beverage industry

Caleb Bryant, senior beverage analyst at Mintel, a global market research firm