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The Valerie Dessert Project: Food Historian & Renowned Chocolatier Teams Up With LAist To Revive A Sweet Treat From Years Past

Blum's Coffee Crunch Cake from Valerie Confections.
Blum's Coffee Crunch Cake from Valerie Confections.
Courtesy of Valerie Confections

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Ever wished you could bring back a dessert from years past that went away when the local bakery or restaurant that was known for it shut down or moved?

Well, LAist and local confectionery legend Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections in Silver Lake have teamed up to create “The Valerie Dessert Project,” where we’ll revive a dessert from years gone by, and we want YOUR help!

Gordon says her dessert revival project started a decade ago in 2009 when The Los Angeles Times approached her about resurrecting Blum’s Coffee Crunch Cake from Blum’s Bakery, which had L.A and San Francisco locations before it closed in the 1970s, for a wedding cake story. Gordon, who had grown up eating the cake and knew it well, obliged. The result was such a hit that she made it a permanent fixture at her shop, where you can still find it today. Since then, Gordon has made it her mission to find and resurrect locally-made desserts that can’t be found anymore.

Do you have a favorite dessert from the past that isn’t available anymore but that you’d love to see resurrected? Join the conversation by calling 866-893-5722 and share with us which dessert you’d like to see brought back. LAist food editor Elina Shatkin and Valerie will gather the submissions and select one to resurrect. Then, later this year, we’ll announce which dessert we chose, Valerie will recreate it, and we’ll have a special event to try it out!

To find out more about The Valerie Dessert Project, click here

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Elina Shatkin, food editor at LAist; she tweets @elinashatkin

Valerie Gordon, food historian, chocolatier and owner of Valerie Confections, an artisan confectionery in Silver Lake; she tweets @ValerieConfctns