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LA City Has New Airbnb Rules. What Are They And How Will They Affect You?

 The Airbnb website is displayed on a laptop
The Airbnb website is displayed on a laptop
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As of yesterday, Airbnb and other short term rental services have to contend with new regulations from the city of Los Angeles. 

The new rules prohibit short-term rentals of a location that’s not a primary residence, which is defined as a space in which someone lives for at least half of every year. Rentals must also be no longer than 120 days a year, although that rule doesn’t apply to all cases. 

That’s just one of the various regulations that you can read about in reporting by the LA Times, as well as the city’s FAQ

We discuss the new regulations and how they will be enforced. Plus, if you rent property through AirBnb or another service, what do you think of these new regulations? 

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David Ambroz, member and past president of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission