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Drawing The Line: Consent In Modern Dating

Kissing illustration by Katherine Streeter for NPR
Kissing illustration by Katherine Streeter for NPR
/Katherine Streeter for NPR

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Dating in 2019 is arguably quite different from dating in 2016, before the #metoo movement took a global stage. 

While the public accusations of prominent figures like Harvey Weinstein started mainstream discussions around consent, the accusation by a woman who goes by the name of “Grace” about Aziz Ansari marked a moment of nuance in #metoo discourse.

For some, especially those from older generations, Grace’s account was one of a mutually consensual, adult encounter, where for others, power dynamics and lack of explicit consent make Grace’s accusation valid. 

Yesterday, Ansari released his new special “Right Now” in which he addresses the sexual misconduct accusation.

His return to comedy reopened conversations about where the line is drawn in getting consent and who should be held accountable for communicating consent in a sexual situation. 

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Lisa Bonos, writer and editor for the Washington Post’s Relationships column; she also reported on how the #metoo movement has changed modern dating and tweets @lisabonos